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Excellent service. Ticket delivered within 4 days. Very good communication with seller via email. I highly recommend.
    Pawel - Poland - September 2019

Die Buchung hat super funktioniert und ich konnte mit Mastercard bezahlen. Sehr empfehlenswert!
    Stefan - Germany - August 2019

All is Ok thank you.
    Jozef - Slovak Republic (Slovakia) - April 2019

We have booked a train from Kashan to Yadz and we are happy being served so quickly. We received our tickets within some hours. Good service!
    Elizabeth - Netherlands - March 2019

Vielen Dank, Johannes Heger, für ihre spontane Hilfe mit zuverlässigen Informationen sowie verständlichen Anweisungen für die Zahlung der beiden in Farsi geschriebenen Tickets für den Zug Teheran-Sari im März 2019.
    Beda - Germany - March 2019

Everything perfect. Fast delivery of ticket. Great trip by train from Tehran to Yazd. Amazing country and people.
    Michal - Slovak Republic (Slovakia) - June 2018

Reliable information, easy-to-understand instructions for payment & prompt replies. It gives you the possibility to book the entire coupe for night trains. Thanks a lot for your help.
    Valerio - Italy - May 2018

We used serveces of this website twice and all information was very accurate and purchased tickets which we've get realy fast. Thanks Mr. Johannes Heger for your help with traveling in Iran. I must 100% recommended this site.
    Jan - Czech Republic - March 2018

I definitely recommend this website. I received the ticket very fast and it saved me a lot of hassle in Iran.
    Filip - Czech Republic - November 2017

Reliable information, easy-to-understand instructions for payment & prompt replies. I booked 2 tickets for the Esfahan-Tehran train in December, made payment & received them earlier than expected. Thanks for your help in making my planning easier.
    Yap - Singapore - November 2017

The information and service provided by this website is really accurate and good. I booked tickets just a couple of days in advance and received the tickets on time. This site has been very helpfull for me!
    Cornelia - Netherlands - October 2017

The service and communication of Iranrail.net was phantastic: we had booked 3 transfers by train and one bus and everthing was perfect. We got all tickets in time. Travelling by train is very easy, comfortable a you get a lot of contacts to iranian people.
    Joerg - Germany - October 2017

I appreciate this service. The reservation was straightforward, no issues with payment, everything very clear - it allowed to plan the important segment of our journey in advance. Highly recommended!
    Grzegorz - Poland - September 2017

great service, excellent communication, works flawlessly, great value. info and customer input on seating preference would good ...
    Jorg Michael - Mexico - August 2017

Booked the train ticket for normal delivery and received our tickets by email for 6 person a week after payment was made. Reasonably priced and easy to check availability. Johannes also replies any question through telegram promptly.
    EVAN J SABAH - MALAYSIA - August 2017

Johannes' service is super helpful. He replied to everything quickly and got me the tickets fast. I highly recommend his service. For the little fee you pay it is not worth wasting your precious holiday time in organizing tickets in the country yourself. Thank you very much!
    Marc - Germany - March 2017

Johannes was very helpful with everything. Made our first trip into Iran pretty much hassle free, totally recommend his service. Received our ticket confirmation in less than a day, will definitely use the service again in the future.
    JAI LOKE - MALAYSIA - January 2017

Superb service! Highly recommended! :)
    Domantas - Lithuania - December 2016

Last October 24th I buyed 4 tickets from Tehran to Kerman. Next day (October 25th) I received an email with the train tickets. Good service
    Pedro - Spain - December 2016

We travelled in Iran during September and found this website fantastic in facilitating online ticket purchases in advance of arrival there. We could even see how many tickets at certain class and price remained. Very easy to use and excellent communication from seller. We chose speedy delivery and tickets arrived within 24 hours from purchase as promised as pdf to email - 5/5
    John - Ireland - December 2016

Train from Tehran to Shiraz Got the E-ticket with 1 week, Fadak train, clean and safety, excellent!
    Jo - Hong Kong - November 2016

I booked 2 tickets Tehran/Shiraz on Sept 18 and got my tickets via pdf attached to an email, 1 week later.The tickets were written in Farsi but an attached page from iranrail.net provided a translation. The train was operated by Noor and we were shown to our compartment by an attendant. We shared the 4-bed compartment with an Iranian lady and her son. It was an overnight train so we didn't see much of the countryside. Everything went smoothly and so I recommend iranrail.net and would use them again.
    Michael - Ireland - October 2016

We bought tickets for Fadak train (between Tehran and Shiraz) - this was such a great train, amazing, better than what it looks like on the photos on this web-site. Very clean, excellent service, we were given dinner and breakfast, clean sheets and clean blankets. You can change the temperature as you want. There was also a sign that there must be free Wi-Fi in the train, but it was not working. Anyway - Fadak train is great value for the money we gave.
     LYUDMIL - Bulgaria - September 2016

We were very confident with Johannes and iranrail.net and he deserves it. We had our tickets when we needed with an accurate information about the main lines of the trip. It is a useful help if you want to travel by train in Iran, and we recommend it. It is confortable, near to occidental standards, and allows you to sleep well during the night and to gaze at the wide panorama during the day in a quite way. Thank you for your care!!
    JORDI - SPAIN - September 2016

Best Experience EVER with iranrail.net; booked online and every thing was perfect. booked from Tehran to Mashad on the Birth Anniversary of Imam Redha (a.s.), through thinking difficult to get train tickets because of peak season, but all was perfect. THANKS TO IRANRAIL.NET FOR MAKING PERFECT JOURNEY.
    Kumail - United Arab Emirates - August 2016

Thank you for the tickets booking service! We took a train from Yazd to Kashan and everything was ok!
    Jan - Czech republic - August 2016

Thank you for managing train ticket from Esfahan to Tehran. I filled the form and received ticket in 7 days. Everything was OK.
    Stepan - Czech Republic - July 2016

Great service from Iranrail.net! We booked our tickets for overnight train from Teheran to Shiraz, paid by credit card and in 3 days I had the tickets in my mailbox. Everything worked well in the day of our trip... The communication with Mr. Heger was very swift, he explained us everything we wanted to know before our trip. Recommended to all travelers to Iran.
    Ondrej - Czech Republic - June 2016

Very fast service received the tickets as PDF by email just hours after booking on a Sunday evening. A question by telegram about another trip was answered very quickly
    Jaap - Netherlands - April 2016

Booking, payment & trip worked perfectly fine. I can strongly recommend to book over this platform.
    RS - Switzerland - November 2015

Well, I had the best experience of booking ticket via Iranrail.net. It took few days till I got my tickets but appreciate it well. Once I received the PNR from Iranrail, it was not difficult at all to get a copy of my tickets from Tehran Railway station. The travel was smooth as well
    Muzaffar - Pakistan (UAE) - November 2015

Thank you for your e-ticket to Shiraz. Everything was Ok.
    Pavel - Czech Republic - November 2015

We had a great trip experience, although we find the Pardis trainsets, which are the quickest, not the most comfortable. Service is very good onboard, departures are punctual and trains are clean. Fellow travellers are very nice. There is passport check as you enter the station.
    Moritz - Germany - August 2015

service was good
    JOSE ANTONIO - SPAIN - March 2015

Traveled last week from Tabriz to Tehran on night train, Sabz type. Everything was perfect, e-ticket worked without any problems. Would appriciate if also SEPA payment would be possible within Europe, as I don`t use Paypal (but could use account from somebody else). Train was comfortable, 45 min late at arrival in Tehran. Would always prefer to go by train instead of night bus ! We found ourselves (couple) with two iranian men in the 4-bunk-compartment, what meant that I had to sleep in Hedjab... Thanks for the service !
    Lisa - Germany - April 2014

We took the night train from Tehran to Shiraz - we are a family with 2 kids, so the whole compartment was ours. Booking with Iranrail worked perfectly well! We got our tickets in PDF to our mailbox, printed them out and showed in the station. Don't worry about announcements in Farsi, there are a lot of "walking information points" in the station who will not let you get lost and show you to your train. Very comfortable journey - we slept the whole night long, the train was clean and service excellent. I am now considering another long distance journey by train - from Iran to Turkey this time :)
    Karina - Belgium - April 2014

I travelled alone, and booked a whole cabin on the Tabriz to tehran sector the 2310 departure. Left on time arrived 90 minutes late. Very comfortable. Sari to Mashhad left on time and was 2 hours late. Tehran to Sari day train was a very beautiful trip through mountains and valleys, and was on time all the way. My needs were well understood. Bookings were perfect, payment made into bank account on arrival into Tabriz and that was instantly text to Ibrahim from Amout Rail, and tickets released via email and printed. Staff on train courteous. Drinks and snacks on train provided. Since no international credit cards usable, and a different calendar used in Iran, and advance bookings recommended, using Iran Rail was just fantastic. Ibrahim was very trusting, knowledgable, and helpful.
    Andrew - Australia - April 2014

Ich hatte für eine Nachtfahrt von Teheran nach Ahvaz ein komplettes Abteil (für eine Person) gebucht. Das war sehr komfortabel und für meinen Geschmack nicht zu teuer (unter 50 EUR). Der Waggon war recht neu, Klimaanlage und TV funktionierten einwandfrei und Tee, Kekse und Wasser waren bereits am Platz vorbereitet. Meine tickets mit dem neuen QR-Code wurden vor Fahrtbeginn im Bahnhof Teheran eingelesen. Sehr schade, daß ich aufgrund meines Reiseverlaufs nur 1x die Bahn nutzen konnte. Es war bestimmt nicht meine letzte Reise in den Iran und dann werde ich wieder bei IRANRAIL.NET buchen. Wirklich super, daß es einen solchen Service ohne großartigen Gebühren gibt. Vielen Dank an den Betreiber!
    Michael - Germany - March 2014

Great Service! Travelling by train is a relax way to travel and the service of Iranrail.net is perfect.Really easy payment and confirmation, and clear instructions arrived within 24 hours. Will be certain to use again. Excellent service for a good price! Mirka and Waldek February 2014 Teheran Esfahan
    Miroslawa - Poland - March 2014

Excellent service. Really easy payment and confirmation, and clear instructions arrived within 24 hours. Will be certain to use again.
    LH - UK - February 2014

We booked 4 trains through IranRail in december 2013. They were very helpful and the process of picking up tickets when in Iran was very simple despite speaking no Farsi. I would certainly recommend IranRail and catching trains in Iran for that matter.
    Tim - Australia - January 2014

Great Service! Travelling by train is a relax way to travel and the service of Iranrail.net is perfect. We received our vouchers within 2 days including a clear explanation of where to pick up the tickets at the train station. Furthermore it is good to mention that it is indeed difficult to book train tickets at the train station. Tickets need to be booked in advance because trains are fully booked a few days ahead most of the time. Again. Perfect service for a good price!
    Johanna - the Netherlands - January 2014

Мы забронировали несколько билетов иранской железной дороги. Нам предложили оплатить билеты через систему Pad Pay. В России эта система не работает, тогда нам предложили оплатить билеты через WesternUnion в Италию, в Рим. Мы были удивлены, но рискнули, и оплатили. В результате, нам прислали код бронирования. На вокзалах Ирана есть специальные окна, работающие с бронью. Все было быстро и хорошо,. Спасибо большое.
We booked a few tickets for the Iranian railway. We offered to pay for tickets through the system of PayPal. In Russia, this system is not working, then we offered to pay for tickets via Western Union in Italy, in Rome. We were surprised, but took a chance and bought. As a result, we received the booking code. At stations Iran has a special window working with booking. Everything was quick and good. Thank you very much.
    Kireeva - Russia - January 2014

Pardis Train Tehran - Yazd and Overnight Train Esfahan- Bandar Abbas Booking as part of an Overland-Journey from Germany to Dubai via Iran: Your help and advise on train travel in Iran as well as your help with the ticket booking has been absolutely excellent. Without the help of your website, buying the ticket would have been much more difficult. Indeed it was excellent that I could make the train reservations while I was still in Germany (so I did not have to take the risk, that the ticket for the overnight train might have already been sold out on the day of my arrival in Iran). I was positively surprised by the level of comfort of trains in Iran. Also I would like to thank you for the contact information to the Tehran Travel Agency, which provided me with the ferry tickets for the ferry from Bandar e Lengeh (near Bandar Abbas) to Dubai. Like this the entire journey overland from Germany to Dubai without using an airplane has become a really memorable "once - in a - lifetime - experience".
    Martin - Germany - December 2013

Excellent voyage en train de nuit de Teheran à Tabriz. L'Iran est un pays merveilleux et son hospitalité est exceptionnelle. Allez y vite.
    Jacques - France - December 2013

EN: It was a perfect journey to a beautiful country. Thank you for the excellent service.
DE: Es war eine super Reise in ein wunderschönes Land. Danke für diesen exzellenten Service!
    Wieland - Germany - November 2013

Sehr schnelle Abwicklung der Reservierung und des Kaufs des Vouchers, mit detaillierten Informationen bezüglich Umtausch am Schalter in Teheran etc. Vielen Dank!
    Milena - Switzerland - November 2013

Der "Transasia" aus Van hatte leider über 10 Stunden Verspätung bei Ankunft in Tabriz, so dass nur 30 Minuten für den Übergang zum Anschlußzug um 17:25 nach Tehran verblieben. Dank der Vorbereitung durch Iranrail (insbesondere der Mail-Kontakt und die kurzfristige Zusendung des E-Tickets durch Herrn Johannes Heger) war die "Umtauschaktion" in richtige Fahrkarten am Schalter trotz der Kürze der Zeit kein Problem (nur der Fahrkartendrucker schwächelte ein wenig). Alle Abteile ( Tabriz-Tehran, Tehran-Shiraz ) wurden jeweils im Wagen Nr. 1 gebucht, in dem auch das nette Zugpersonal "zu Hause" war. So wurde ich zum Teetrinken eingeladen und konnte dabei einiges Interessante über die Iranischen Eisenbahnen zusätzlich erfahren. Die Buchung eines ganzen 4er-Abteils für nur 2 Personen sorgte auf dem Weg nach Shiraz für etwas Verwunderung - war aber wegen der Platz-Auflistung im E-Ticket dann doch leicht zu klären. Plätze im Pardis von Yazd nach Tehran gestalteten sich auch optimal (2 Fensterplätze mit Tisch),davon ein Einzelsitz, neben dem unseren beiden Gepäckstücke auf dem Mittelgang gut gelagert werden konnten. Ansonsten ist im Pardis wenig Stauraum für größere Reisetaschen. Ich glaube es ist sehr problematisch, vor Ort ( zumindest in Tehran ) kurzfristig Tickets zu kaufen: lange Schlangen an den Schaltern / Wartelisten. Die Möglichkeit, über Iranrail zu buchen und vorab per Kreditkarte zu zahlen, ist daher die optimale Lösung für alle Bahnreisenden, die ihre Reiseziele im Iran schon frühzeitig planen können. Nochmals vielen Dank für den Service - wir kommen bestimmt wieder. Gruß M.
    Manfred - Germany - November 2013

The overnight train journey from Tabriz to Tehran has been very comfortable. The staff on the train had been very friendly and helpful. The collection of the train ticket was easy and smooth, thanks to Iranrail for the help. I appreciate Johannes's detailed reply in email and I am able to get further information about the trip that I may not be able to ask at the train station due to language barrier.
    Ken - China - November 2013

Train travel within Iran was fantastic, it was very cheap and comfortable and of course as everywhere in Iran the people (staff and fellow passengers) were all very friendly. On this trip we crossed part of the Dasht-e Kavir and saw desert, mountains, desert, camels, and more desert! Thanks IranRail for your excellent email communication when we were planning this holiday. It was great be able to book online, keep up the good work.
    Keith - Australia - November 2013

Thank you friend. I came back - without you, this journey would have been impossible. I really appreciate your contact in Shiraz; Isfahan is indeed half of the world - one day there definitely was not enough. best regards
    Viktor - Ukraine - July 2013

Vorrei ringraziarla per la sua estrema gentilezza e disponibilità nel rispondere cosi' presto e dandomi informazioni cosi' precise e puntuali. Sono rimasto davvero meravigliato e piacevolmente sorpreso. Ho deciso di prendere il treno, e come mi ha consigliato lei, prenderò quello diurno per ammirare il panorama che come mi ha descritto è particolarmente bello.
    Roberto - Italy - June 2013

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